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Sparrow Hall

Sparrow Hall

Sparrow Hall is a 50 hectare arable cropping and livestock farm located on the flat land within the Vale of Pickering. The River Dove passes through the farm. It is fine example of a small meandering lowland river and a good illustration of how river courses change over time due to riverbank erosion. It supports a wealth of associated wildlife, including kingfisher and otters. Riverside grassland and wide grassy margins around arable fields encourage wild flowers and grasses, which in turn provide pollen and nectar for insects, and seed and food for farmland birds. Special seed crops and cereal fields left as stubble over winter provide food for birds and bushy hedges provide nesting areas in spring. As a result, the farm attracts a wide range of small birds. Barn owls, which have bred on the farm, hunt for small mammals along the grass margins and the farm pond supports a population of Great Crested newts.


Salton York North Yorkshire YO62 6RW

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