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Who you gonna call? Toastbusters!

Thursday, 08 February 2018 12:15
Countryside Classroom

Celebrate National Toast Day on Thursday 22nd February and use Countryside Classroom resources to tell the story of toast from growing grain to grill.

The day aims to celebrate the grilled toast, the oven toast, the fireplace toast, the campfire toast – and all the shades from hardly toasted at all to left the toaster setting on high slices. In Britain alone we consume toast 4.7 billion times a year, with butter, eggs or jam as the most popular toppings. And there are toast connoisseurs across the continent with Spanish brindis, French pain grillé, Italian crostini, Swedish rostat brod and German prost all joining the toastly proceedings. There's also a competition to enter. 

Here's a selection of Countryside Classroom resources growing grain and making bread

Bread: how it is made 

Bread information, recipes and resources

Growing grain

The cereal story

Wheat farming and grain processing

Photo credit: Michael Powell/LJ Fairburns Poultry/Rachel Green

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