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Countryside Classroom is celebrating its first birthday!

Friday, 30 September 2016
Janet Hickinbottom, FACE

The launch of Countryside Classroom took place twelve months ago with a series of activities with schools throughout the country, demonstrating collaborative projects involving food, farming and the natural environment.

What has happened since then? Over 1000 Countryside Classroom passports have been issued to inspire pupils to complete challenges relating to food, farming and the natural environment. We now have 31,000 users of the site which has over 400 contributors of resources, places and expertise and 32 partners have joined our active collaboration.

We are proud of the increasing number of contributions to the site. Our aim is to increase the quantity, quality and range of content on the website. Is there a fascinating resource you love to use? Do you know of a great place to visit or is there a local farm or countryside location that isn’t represented on our site? Just drop us an email [email protected],org.uk

We know from recent (Summer 2016) research with users of the site that teachers are keen to find out more about nutrition and how to maintain a healthy diet; where food comes from; and how farms produce food and other products on a large scale. We will be working with partners to provide more resources and signposts to ways of addressing these needs.

Meanwhile, we hope you will celebrate with us as there is so much to enjoy in the countryside! Try Love British Food which has information on inviting chefs into school, teaching resources and advice. Or visit Why Farming Matters for a wide variety of lesson ideas including videos of different farming activities. Brush up your pupils’ food skills with Cooking 11-14 years. How about getting outdoors and making some bread on the barbecue? Bread with a twist . Use All About Canals to investigate local waterways through include history, geography and English.

You can consult many of our partners to learn what they can offer in terms of visits or support in school. A full list of partners is available on the site.

So go on – say Happy Birthday Countryside Classroom and join in the fun of learning more about the food we eat, the farms which are busy harvesting our food and the natural environment which is so beautiful and fascinating at any time of year!

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Janet Hickinbottom, FACE
Our range of expertise covers farming, food and the countryside across the full range of ages and curriculum subjects. We are particularly keen to help schools access real working farms where science, maths, literacy, cooking and nutrition, enterprise and more can be learnt in a dynamic real-world context. We also...    Read More
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