FarmLink Education

FarmLink is to provide free teaching for the pupils of as many schools operating within the catchment area as possible in the practical process of farming, food production, land management and conservation, both on a farm and in a school classroom, in a safe and secure environment and so as to comply with the requirements of the National Curriculum.

In the past academic year FarmLink has engaged with nearly 40,000 school children within Somerset and Staffordshire. Of those 40,000 children, 48% were seen on farms and 52% were seen in school. All our teaching relates to the National Curriculum. The majority of our work is done with primary school children but we do have contact with a few secondary schools. We have developed lesson plans that show how our teaching relates to the National Curriculum as well as having a resource area of the website where teachers can access worksheets and information to download about the farm visits.

The charity has five partner organisations as well as an additional host farm which hosts ten farm visits a year. We have one employee who coordinates the booking with the schools and an additional six deliverers who deliver the FarmLink programme to the schools.

FarmLink Education
Our Offices 4, Yeowood Farm Iwood Lane
North Somerset
BS40 5NU [email protected] 01934 837 284
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