Royal Highland Education Trust

The planned outcome of RHET’s strategic actions is that Scotland’s young people have an enhanced understanding of the rural environment of Scotland, the dynamic nature of food, farming and countryside activities and the vital contribution such activities make to sustaining and enhancing Scotland’s economy and way of life.
RHET’s organisational goals are to:
maintain and develop further RHET’s partnership role in relation to education about sustainable food, farming and countryside for all young people in Scotland.
continue the development of the leadership role of the RHET central team in building and supporting the network of RHET Countryside Initiatives that deliver the aims of RHET on a sustainable local basis.
embrace the use of information and communications technology, and to optimise the use of financial and other resources in pursuit of our aims.
ensure that our ethos translates into our day to day practices across the RHET network through a culture of openness, accountability and care.
develop further a framework to support reflection and continuous improvement across all aspects of RHET activities, enabling progress towards our outcomes to be demonstrated.
Through the partnership relationships on the Countryside Classroom portal, RHET will offer support, share resources, address demands and in essence, benefit from the greater network of organisations all striving to better the access to countryside based learning.

Royal Highland Education Trust
Royal Highland Centre Ingliston
EH28 [email protected] 0131 335 6227
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