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Horriford Farm

Horriford Farm

This is a former intensive dairy farm with interesting landscape features, including a network of ancient hedges, including the Saxon boundary bank, now the Colyton Parish boundary. Situated on land at 200-250 feet above sea level the farm slopes towards the south east, drained by two streams. Three ponds have been constructed, two for coarse fishing and one as a wildlife pond. The farm now supports a small pedigree single suckler herd of Red Devon cattle. A small flock of alpacas is kept. A cider orchard has been restored and an additional thirty young trees planted. The farmhouse dates back to 1500 with additions in the 17th and 18 th centuries. There are two marlpits on the farm and the remains of watering channels in two meadows. The farm is 80% pasture with some meadows being restored to species rich hay meadows.


Horriford Farm Colyford Colyton Devon EX24 6HW


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