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Beech Estate

The Beech Estate is a series of small typical Wealden farms, commercial forest, and traditional deciduous woodlands, extending to in excess of 2,000 acres all being integrated and operated as one unit.

The business centres on conservation, with all the farmland successfully submitted into Stewardship.

The Estate has also taken advantage of the organic scheme. This system has enabled the Estate to farm on a traditional basis, working to enhance wildlife habitats and convert intensive grassland to meadows rich in wild flowers.

The Beech Estate has expanded since 1947 when the late Sir John Spencer Wills made his first land purchase at Battle. The 772 hectare estate won Natural England’s Future of Farming Award for its transformation from intensive arable and dairy farm to one with conservation at its heart. It includes 52 hectare of broadleaved woodlands many of which are ancient semi natural woodlands and a further 490 hectares of plantations.


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Beech Estate
East Sussex

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