Happy New Year!

Friday, 05 January 2018 15:11
Rosemary Ward, Countryside Classroom

Good wishes for 2018 from everyone at Countryside Classroom. We hope you are able to use our resources, people to ask and places to visit to enhance your teaching about food, farming and the natural environment throughout the year to come.

You should see a number of improvements to the newsletter and website now and over the next few months. We've improved functionality behind the scenes to make searching the website easier and more effective, and made it easier for contributors to upload new material. There'll be regular additions to  Countryside Classroom in Action and a punchier, more concise newsletter. In future you will also be able to access past newsletters online, and benefit from occasional thematic landing pages, grouping resources and ideas around a topical theme.

Over to you

We're very keen to hear about your experiences of teaching and learning through food, farming and the countryside. We'd love to share your stories to help and inspire others, whether you've obtained funding to build some raised beds, devised a brilliant cookery practical, or seen a withdrawn child blossom on a farm visit.  If you've a story to tell just email rose@countrysideclassroom.org.uk.

Recommendations of resources you find invaluable, people or organisations that have really helped you or places you particularly enjoy visiting with your school would also be very welcome, so we can make them better known. Do send your suggestions, along with any other comments or ideas to help us make Countryside Classroom even better, to rose@countrysideclassroom.org.uk.

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