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Food, farming and nature at Sacrewell

Thursday, 08 February 2018
Jill Judd, Learning and Engagement Officer, Sacrewell

'Delicious!' said Bradley, about the pizza he made from scratch. Just one of the positive comments from pupils at Ravensthorpe Primary School in Peterborough, enjoying their stay at nearby Sacrewell.

They were taking part in a pilot for Farm Camp, a new residential offer set up with the help of £21,240 from the Mick George Community Fund. This unique programme offers classes the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in farm life, from mucking out the donkeys to digging up the potatoes they’ll eat for dinner, while developing life skills like team work and resilience along the way. Pupils spend the night under canvas on the farm, sleeping in rural peace and quiet until the resident peacocks wake them up with their morning alarm call.

Head teacher Martin Fry said, 'We’ve had a fantastic time. One of the highlights for me was seeing the children make their own apple juice with the apples and the apple press. It was great seeing that whole process of where we get the things that normally we just find in the supermarket. The children were really into that.'

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