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Find a food ambassador

Wednesday, 27 June 2018
Barbara Rathmill, Food Teachers Centre

Food Education is not always well understood by senior leadership teams, so we need to do all we can to raise the profile of the subject and show its value. One of the best ways to do this is to invite future employers to visit your school. There are a great number of Ambassadors willing to do this. Whilst the Ambassador is at your school, do encourage them to talk to your Head about the importance of food education, and the range of careers and job prospects possible from studying this area.  

How you can involve an Ambassador:

  • Invite them to speak or demonstrate at your options/careers evenings and ‘drop-down days’
  • Invite a Food Science Ambassador to help Year 10 with their NEA 1
  • Invite a STEM Ambassador - your local university or college may have a programme to support you
  • Invite a Chef Ambassador to demonstrate key skills, such as knife skills or presentation skills, they can also help you mark and judge mock NEA 2
  • Invite a Schools Game Changer Ambassador to extend skills
  • Invite a Dietician to support nutrition teaching
  • Ask for help in coaching and mentoring for competitions, such as Rotary Club, Futurechef, Teflon Diamond Awards or other local cooking competitions
  • Invite your ex-students ‘Back to School’

For help to find a local Food Ambassador contact Food Teachers Centre or Love Food Love Science

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Barbara Rathmill, Food Teachers Centre
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