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PROGRAMME: Chefs Back to School

Wednesday, 27 March 2019
Barbara Rathmill, Food Teachers Centre

Food Teacher’s Centre has successfully piloted its Chefs Back to School programme, under which student chefs return to their original secondary school. They provide a practical demonstration to an examination class and describe their own course and future career prospects. The Food Teachers Centre hope to involve 1,000 secondary schools and reach at least 25,000 pupils by 2022, starting with 200 schools in 2018-19.

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Barbara Rathmill, Food Teachers Centre
Food Teachers Centre is a UK based self-help group founded by Louise T Davies in 2013 and supported by experienced Associates and volunteers. It provides a platform to exchange best practice, give advice and support to less experienced teachers, answering practical concerns and keeping them abreast of the latest curriculum...    Read More
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