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EVENT: Roast Dinner Day, Wed 13 Nov

Thursday, 24 October 2019
Gay Darke, Food for Life

Registration is now open for Roast Dinner Day. And this year it’s twice as appetising, because Roast Dinner Day is our first major Food for Life Get Together.  

On Wednesday 13th November, hundreds of schools across the country will open their doors to grandparents, toddlers and everyone in between. By sharing a delicious and healthy lunch people will get to know each other better, one roast potato at a time.

Since UK families eat the most ultra-processed diet in Europe, millions of kids are losing touch with where their food comes from. Many of them don’t have the chance to sit down and enjoy a roast dinner with their family on a weekend. At the same time, we have around 200,000 older people who go for months without speaking to anyone, let alone sharing a meal.

With Roast Dinner Day, everyone can indulge in one of the nation’s most mouth-watering and iconic dinners. And what’s more, it’s healthy and nutritious, too. Plus, by taking part, you’re getting involved with National School Meals Week. And who could say no to a Wednesday roast? What a treat!

Dale Cranshaw, Head of Food for Life Get Togethers, says, 'We are excited to see people coming together to enjoy good food in schools and communities across the country for our first major Get Together. There are enormous benefits to different generations connecting in this way, including improved health and well-being and community cohesion. We'll share these with more and more people throughout the Food for Life Get Togethers Programme. Events like Roast Dinner Day are an excellent starting point for people to make good food the easy choice for everyone in their community.'

Sign up for Roast Dinner Day and we’ll send you a free resource pack. This will include bunting and posters to decorate your space, as well as ice-breaker games, top tips, and loads more great stuff. Last year, thousands of schools took part in Roast Dinner Day. Let’s make it even bigger and better than ever before.

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