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HOME EDUCATION HUB: Games, puzzles and simple makes

Monday, 20 April 2020
Countryside Classroom

Ideas for games to play indoors and out, puzzles to solve, and simple things to make - all with a food, farming or countryside theme.

3D model farm animals
Colouring-in is acceptable even for adults now so all ages can create their own cow/sheep/horse/pig/chicken or tractor parade with these outlines to colour, cut out, assemble and enjoy.  

Biology wordsearch zone 
Seven wordsearches with biology themes and a glossary to help understand all the words. Play online or print them out.

Gardening games 
Six indoor and outdoor games to help children learn some of the basics of gardening such as tool use and crop families.

Wet weather activities 
Things to do when confined indoors including quizzes, window decorations and telling tall tales.

Environmental arts
Getting creative in the outdoors including drawing  with mud and charcoal, sculpting clay tree faces or building boggart homes.  

For more home education resources, go to the Countryside Classroom Home Education Hub. We will also be posting weekly blogs  highlighting a range of resources on a particular theme. All resources were originally written for school use, but are equally suitable for education at home, while following government guidelines on social distancing.

Do share what you are doing with us, and other home educators, at #CountrysideClassroom.

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