Monday, 05 October 2020
Countryside Classroom
It's Biology week which is a fantastic opportunity to focus on the amazing world of the biosciences, here are some links to some brilliant virtual events and interesting life science activities.

  • Grow Your Own Potatoes

If you haven’t already, don’t forget to order your free growing packs from AHDBs Grow Your Own Potatoes scheme here...

  •  The Science of Sheep for Primary teachers

An e-booklet of ideas and activities for primary schools with a focus on sheep...

  • School Food Matters – Honey Bee Programme

This year the Honey Bee Programme have added a new element which includes a visit from their gardener, Cath, who will offer a session to help schools establish bee-friendly planting areas to ensure that there’s enough forage for local honey bees. Schools will also receive bee-friendly plants for the children taking part in the sessions...

  • Syngenta 

Find a wealth of Biology word searches here...

  • Royal Society of Biology 

Are running a virtual event from the Zoological Society of London to give students the opportunity to meet a ZSL scientist.

To book a free 30-minute session on either Tuesday 6th, Wednesday 7th or Thursday 8th October 2020 go here...

  •  iSpot Share Nature ID guides

A range of free identification guides and other resources developed to help with biodiversity surveys. Includes trees, hedgerow plants, lichens, earthworms, dragonflies, amphibians and seaweeds...

  •  BBSRC Science on the Farm poster 

A series of free posters with accompanying teacher notes are available here...

  • BSPB 

A film showing how innovation in plant breeding touches everyone's lives for the better...

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