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Monday, 18 January 2021
Countryside Classroom

Support your child to develop their numeracy skills with these brilliant maths resources, ranging from activity booklets, worksheets and helpful guidance on how to look for examples of maths in everyday life. 

Aged 3 - 6

Baby farm animals are always a favourite with young children. Try this simple, hands on Bar Chart Activity to introduce a mathematical way of recording the most and least
popular baby animals, the resources are bright and colourful and will be a big hit with your young child!

This Maths in the Outdoors resource will give you a number of ideas for making Maths more interactive and exciting by going outdoors to your garden, local park, or walk in the countryside. Doing lots of little maths activities like these will help your child develop confidence in problem solving without all the stress of putting pen to paper!

Try this home educators version of Maths in the Garden which will give you some fun ideas of how to help your child enhance their understanding of space, shape and measure using easily available resources in the garden.

Any child who likes badgers will enjoy this series of Maths Activities themed around the delightful children's book Boris the Badger:

Boris the Badger has been moving acorns around the oak woodland and needs help working out how many trips to make to move them all!

Boris the badger meets a ladybird who has lost one of her children but each one has different numbers of dots, can your child help them figure out which child is missing?

Boris the badger is hunting for worms to eat, the worms are all different sizes. Can your child help Boris put them into order of length from shortest to longest?

Boris the Badger is walking through the woods when he finds some lost coins, can your child help him count them before handing into the park ranger?

Boris the Badger and his family are walking in the woods and stop to have a drink from their flasks, can your child work out which flask belongs to each family member?

Boris the Badger is on his way home and decides to take a short cut through the woods. Can your child calculate how much time it takes him to get home?

Aged 7 - 11

Help farmer Debbie to sort out some problems with her pigs by having a go at these Worded Number Problems.

Check out this range of Farming Counts activities that all involve imaginative practical tasks indoors and outdoors that help to build confidence in numeracy skills.

Aged 11 - 16

Gordon the gamekeeper has been studying the bird populations on his estate and found that one species is in decline. This Maths on the Moor resource is ideal for secondary school learners who want a challenging activity which will require statistical analysis to prove their answers.

For more home education resources, go to the Countryside Classroom Home Education Hub. We will also be posting weekly blogs  highlighting a range of resources on the themes of Science, Humanities and Art & Design. All resources were originally written for school use, but are equally suitable for education at home, while following government guidelines on social distancing.

Do share what you are doing with us, and other home educators, at #CountrysideClassroom.

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