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Monday, 26 April 2021
Countryside Classroom

Spring is a splendid time to incorporate food, farming and the countryside into your lessons, why not try some of these super Spring resources that include worksheets, activities and a wide range of videos to inspire your learners!

Ages 4 - 6
  • This Springtime Activities resource provides inspiration for teachers and outdoor educators to get out and about spotting the signs of Spring. There are ideas for games, walks, hands on making projects and classroom activities.
  • This Lambing updates from the farm is a great introduction to Spring and new life! The Lambing Update idea from LEAF Education was a simple one for 2021 – to share a weekly update from the farm during the lambing season, it was a huge hit with over 200 primary schools tuning in! Here are the videos with a list of suggested resources to use too.
  • Check out this series of free outdoor-learning resources from Muddy Puddles for teachers of foundation and KS1 and parents alike to use, produced by a Forest School teacher. The worksheets are themed around topics such as the seasons, popular children's books, forest schools, and are designed to inspire outdoor learning.
Ages 7 - 11
  • This fascinating legacy Farming Fortnight resource will help children to learn about how by-products of sheep and cattle farming can be used in other ways.
  • Try this super Sheep and Wool e-booklet containing lots of fun craft activities using wool. Try making friendship bracelets; have a go at weaving; and also learn some facts about sheep and lambing!
  • Help your child build confidence in letter writing by using this Spring on the Farm resource with fun farm and natural world themed worksheets written by LEAF Education.
Ages 11- 16
  • This series of videos made by STC Research Foundation tells the story of Beef Production that bring the farmyard into your classroom up close and personal, for example see footage of a calf being born!
  • Also in the same series try this resource which tells the Pig Food story told via a series of videos that bring the farmyard into your classroom up close and personal but without the muck and without the smells!
  • Check out this Wonders of Wool resource, part of the legacy Farming Fortnight series, with a brilliant film made by Brockhill School Farm all about wool, where it comes from and why we should use more of it.

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