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Monday, 17 May 2021
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With Outdoor Classroom Day approaching on Thursday 20th May why not teach some lessons outside, what better way is there to teach kids about the importance and significance of nature? If you're thinking of planning a trip further afield why not check out our Places to Visit page too!

Ages 4 - 6

  • This resource pack from Grow to School provides activities, basic tips & tricks for successful outdoor learning and advice on behaviour and risk. The activities will engage all ages & help bring your class back together with you and their learning in a fun way
  • Try Encouraging wildlife in your school garden with this resource from the Royal Horticultural Society, it will aim to enhance the natural environment in your school garden.  and includes a wildlife gardening calendar.
  • This Seed bomb resource is one of a series of brilliant activities from the highly successful Let Nature Feed Your Senses project, learn how to get seeds into those hard to reach parts of the school garden!

Ages 7 - 11

  • This series of Fieldwork Investigations produced by LEAF Education is aimed at KS3 and created by an experienced geography specialist.
  • This A.B.C. From School Grounds …. to School Garden produced by our partner One Seed Forward will take teachers through the processes of designing a garden with pupils and aims to involve schools in being active participants in creating a physical space that can be used to increase outdoor learning and educate pupils in the benefits of growing their own food.
  • This Farming, wildlife and your school grounds resource has teacher notes and PowerPoint that will give you practical surveying ideas for use in the school grounds and how they could be improved using inspiration from farms

Ages 11 - 16

  • This School Grounds Orchards book by our partner Learning Through Landscapes is about growing fruit trees in school grounds. Low-cost and easy to grow, your pupils will soon be eating the fruits of their care and labour.
  • This Transforming Outdoor Learning in Schools: Lessons from the Natural Connections Project  booklet produced by Plymouth University and our partner Natural England provides school staff with an introduction to the value and impact of well-planned regular outdoor learning. This simple guide provides planning support and case studies to help teachers, schools and their networks develop outdoor learning. 
  • The LEAF Open Farm Sunday team has drawn up this Out and About in Springtime compendium of ideas, information and guidance to get the most from being outdoors. Developed for families, this resource will be of equal interest to schools.

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