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Talking about Open Farm Sunday in the classroom

Thursday, 02 June 2016
Janet Hickinbottom, Farming and Countryside Education

What did your pupils do at half term? Did any of them visit a farm on Open Farm Sunday?

Visits such as these provide endless scope for further work in many curriculum areas. Watch this video where a teacher explains what her pupils gain from such a visit.

Why not follow up with some of these activities?

Younger children will enjoy creating their own farm scenes with these 3D cut out templates. A great starting point for developing vocabulary both during and after the creation of the farm animals and tractors!

Older pupils can develop their debating skills using farming-related topics. Take a look at resources on the controversial topics of badgers or find out and discuss what’s happening to our bees.

You can test children’s spelling in a fun way by asking them to write about their visit or describe a day on the farm incorporating farm-themed examples of words which embody the statutory patterns. Alternatively, older or more able children could be given the lists and asked to incorporate as many of the words as possible into their account or story.

  • Y1: bull, buzz, duck, quack, donkey, honk, rabbit, carrot, hutch, hive, cows, horses, buzzing, mooing, soil, hay, enjoy, safe, market, tree, summer, churn, food….over to you!
  • Y2: As above plus ridge, bridge, cage, village, place, gnaw, wrap, apple, rattle, squirrel, animal, nostril, fly, dry, flies, ponies, tall, wall, donkeys, worm, here/hear, quite/quiet
  • Y3 & 4: As above plus harvesting, mowing, young, countryside, dismount, illegal, irresponsible, conservation, enclosure, nature, curious, permission, admission, science, weigh, earth, fruit, natural, supermarket, antiseptic, information, medicine, weight
  • Y5 & 6: As above plus vicious, delicious, nutritious, special, expectant, assistant, independent, considerable, comfortable, enjoyable, visible, sensible, preferred, co-operate, rough, tough, plough, bough, lamb, advice/advise, heard/herd, aggressive, environment, mischievous, muscle, stomach, temperature, vegetable.

Other resources

Why Farming Matters is a curriculum related resource for primary schools and features a downloadable pack, plus an accompanying website with further activities and guidance and a range of videos and image cards to support pupil learning.

Open Farm School Days are taking place throughout June.

Farming & Countryside Education can help you find a farm to visit at any time of year! Find and contact your local Regional Education Consultant.

Find out how farm visits can support and enhance your curriculum.

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Janet Hickinbottom, Farming and Countryside Education
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