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Climate Action Farm in a Box

Monday, 18 October 2021
Country trust

Climate Action Farm in a Box is a free, hands-on learning programme that builds connections between farming, the food we eat and climate change.  

Our Farm in a Box principles:

  • Learn - Strong curriculum links and irresistible learning
  • Grow - Hands on, collaborative and sensory education
  • Thrive - Opportunities for every child to succeed

Climate Action Farm in a Box supports teachers and KS2 children to find out about climate change; what is it, why is it a problem and how we can make a difference.

The Box explores the relationship between the food we eat and greenhouse gases, and how farms have an important part to play in tackling climate change. 

Boxes are limited and will go quickly. If you'd like your school / group to participate in Climate Action Farm in a Box, we recommend you order as soon as possible.

Climate Action Farm in a Box is in partnership with The Hiscox Foundation. Thanks to their support, Climate Action Farm in a Box is FREE for eligible schools. See below for more information about eligibility.

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