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National Young Farmers’ Week 

Monday, 24 October 2022
Countryside Classroom

Young Farmers Clubs (YFC) have been celebrating YFC’s food and farming connections and launching NFYFC’s new #HomeGrown campaign.   #HomeGrown is a simple message about encouraging our nation to eat better – by improving cookery skills, sourcing local food and sharing great food with each other.

The County Chairs, pictured above, met together this October and brought regional produce with them to celebrate the new Home-Grown campaign.

All of the food that was collected was then donated to The Wild Goose Cafe in Bristol – a local charity that provides food for people experiencing insecurities such as hunger and homelessness. 

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Countryside Classroom
Agriculture and rural life is at the heart of YFC and has been since the first club was founded almost a century ago. The NFYFC was established for the purpose of advancing the education of its members and their knowledge of agriculture, rural issues and country life. It also aims...    Read More
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