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Cutting Edge Technology

Wednesday, 03 April 2024
Le Tec

"We’ve always believed that if you cannot see it, or don’t know about it, how can you aspire to be it, and we’re here to change that when it comes to land-based engineering!"


We Are Land-based Engineering is dedicated to educating and inspiring the next generation. If your learners are interested in finding out about how land-based engineers help to maintain open spaces, or put food on your table, then they have everything you need to showcase a world of cutting edge technology to your students. Their What Could I do For a Job? showcases a wide range of technology and engineering, working in harmony with the environment to support sustainable food production, environmental management and the provision of amenities, sports and leisure facilities.

Their resources focus on 12-16 year olds, but also have information available to all ages, the initiative is working closely to not only educate schools and students on the exciting world of land-based engineering, but also to connect educational providers with industry and their local dealerships. their team are on hand to provide information and material on all things land-based engineering, deliver workshops, provide printed material and showcase our vast array of video content to show exactly what land-based engineering has to offer. 

“Being able to showcase the exciting, innovative and cutting edge world that is Land-based Engineering to students of all ages is so exhilarating. As children grow up they are often obsessed with tractors, so we’re helping to take that one step further, whilst also helping to show the vital need for land-based engineers when it comes to food production, or maintaining open spaces and stadiums. All of this is land-based engineering”.

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Le Tec
The Land-based Engineering – Training and Education Committee (LE-TEC Ltd) is made up by three main industry bodies: The Agricultural Engineers association (AEA), British Agriculture and Garden Machinery Association (BAGMA) and The Institution of Agricultural Engineers (IAgrE). The aims are to promote training and education for people within agriculture, horticulture and...    Read More
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