Established in 1937, ADA is the membership organisation for drainage, water level and flood risk management authorities throughout the UK. Today ADA represents over 230 members nationally, including internal drainage boards, regional flood & coastal committess, local authorities and national agencies, as well as our associate m embers who are contractors, consultants and suppliers to the industry.

Our purpose is to champion and campaign for the sustainable delivery of water level management, offering guidance, advice and support to our members across the UK, and informing the public about our members' essential work.

In working with LEAF Education, the aim is to incorporate relevant flood risks and water level management topics into Key Stage 3-4 Geography / Science curriculum in secondary schools, covering the following key areas;

  • The essential work to manage water levels within lowland England
  • Climate change and the increased risk of flooding and the nee d to find new and creative ways of managing water including looking after and storing the water when it rains so that we have enough to drink, grow our food and conserve wildlife
  • The important role we all have to play in managing water

By engaging students in the subject of managing water levels within lowland England, the ultimate aim is to attract interest in future careers in the industry.

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