Countryside Learning

The mission of Countryside Learning (CL) is a simple one. It is to educate, inform and inspire children, parents and teachers, so that they can enjoy and appreciate the countryside while having a greater understanding of the wide range of issues surrounding it.
CL acts as a link to a national infrastructure whereby teachers and their pupils can visit and study skilled workers in their workplace, using the knowledge gained and extra resource facilities available through CL to take back to the classroom to compliment the school curriculum. Our work in this area is enhanced by our partnership with other like minded organisations especially our work with the Countryside Classroom programme which delivers a truly nationwide agenda for education outside the classroom.
Our work covers a wide range of hands on outdoor classroom opportunities on Farms and Country Estates across the country, combining small bespoke single class days right up to major events in Leeds and London reaching over 4,000 children at each event.

Countryside Learning
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