Environment Agency (EA)

The EA was established to protect and improve the environment. Within England we’re responsible for:

  • regulating major industry and waste
  • treatment of contaminated land
  • water quality and resources
  • fisheries
  • inland river, estuary and harbour navigations
  • conservation and ecology

By working with other Countryside Classroom partners we can create and share resources to connect schools with food, farming and the natural environment so the next generation are inspired to protect their livelihoods and improve land, water and biodiversity.

At the EA we are creating resources for primary and secondary schools and further education at land based colleges. These resources will educate students on the use of plastics within farming and introduce the regulatory requirements farmers must comply with in an engaging way.

By introducing good waste management practices at an early age sustainable growth can be achieved longer term, enabling both farm production and the natural environment to thrive.

Developing relationships with the Countryside Classroom partners and sharing our resources with young people, teachers and their schools will help us to achieve our EA2025 ambitions. This provides an opportunity to use our voice, evidence and the actions within our educational materials to promote the environment, secure sustainable approaches, and a long-term shift in behaviours.

Environment Agency (EA)
National Customer Contact Centre PO Box 544
S60 1BY

https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/environment-agency [email protected] 03708 506 506
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