Food & Farming Discovery Trust

Our aim as an educational trust is to coordinate and communicate existing food, farming and countryside educational activity in Norfolk. We will develop new activity and support educators and providers to enhance the learning outcomes for all young people in Norfolk through food, farming and the countryside.

We believe that people of all ages should understand how food, farming and the countryside underpin our daily lives, including our health. We also value the need to help create a supply of exciting talent into the land based industries. Food, farming and the countryside plays a vital role as a vehicle for learning in a range of subject areas.

The Food and Farming Discovery trust is in a unique position between industry and schools. We have experience in teaching and the land based industries and we are independent from any organisation. The Trust is able to signpost and mediate between the two vital parts of food, farming and countryside education. We work to promote learning without walls.

We aspire to ensure that every young person in Norfolk has the opportunity to learn about food, farming and the countryside and the career options that are available in the region’s largest sector. Our mission is to be the hub of food, farming and the countryside education, supporting communication and collaboration between educators and providers.

Our Priorities

We have identified three main priorities to underpin our work with young people:

  • Educating young people about where food comes from
  • Giving young people the chance to witness farming first hand
  • Engaging young people in scientific enquiry about food and farming

Food & Farming Discovery Trust
Norfolk Showground Dereham Road
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