Fun Kitchen

Fun Kitchen is staffed by qualified secondary school food teachers who lead ‘pop up’ cookery workshops in primary & secondary schools as well as at county shows and food festivals.

Our aim is to teach young people cookery skills in a fun, safe and engaging manner whilst introducing them to key topics such as food provenance, seasonality, local produce and food production.

We welcome all abilities and ages to attend workshops and offer encouragement and support to all children to enable them to try a new skill and taste foods they may not normally eat. All the dishes we cook are made from ingredients that are sourced locally and recipes are all low in added sugar and salt.

We promote the current guidelines for achieving a balanced diet and introduce new ways for children (and their parents / teachers) to introduce fruit and vegetables into their diet whenever we can without being prescriptive.

Fun Kitchen are self-contained. We provide all equipment that is needed for a cookery workshop; from ovens and hobs to teaspoons and safety knives. We supply step by step recipe cards for all the dishes we cook and even provide quality chefs hats and aprons for young people to use during the sessions.

Simon and his team work with a variety of organisations and government bodies that both support and promote food education within the UK. They both regularly run professional development training events for food teachers and work with companies to provide opportunities for teachers and their pupils.

Fun Kitchen work nationally across the whole of the UK. [email protected] 07766 222262
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