Linking Environment and Farming (LEAF)

LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) is the leading organisation delivering more sustainable farming and food. LEAF works with farmers, the food industry, scientists, environmentalists and consumers to work towards our vision of a world that is farming, eating and living sustainably. LEAF has farmer members in 33 countries worldwide.
Our three core areas of work are:
Facilitating knowledge exchange and innovation, developing management tools and resources to help farmers implement LEAF’s Integrated Farm Management (IFM) principles
Developing market opportunities through the LEAF Marque - a global assurance system which recognises sustainably farmed products
Building public trust and understanding in farming and food through a range of initiatives including Open Farm Sunday (, Open Farm School Days ( and LEAF’s Virtual Farm Walk (
Open Farm Sunday
Recognised as the farming industry’s national open day, LEAF has organised and managed Open Farm Sunday since it began in 2006. Since then over 1.5 million people have visited a farm to discover how their food is produced and reconnect with the countryside.
Open Farm School Days
Alongside Open Farm Sunday, LEAF runs the Open Farm School Days initiative for thousands of school children to visit farms to learn about farming and food production.
Virtual Farm Walk
The Virtual Farm Walk - like a real farm - is a great place for learning for all key stages of the curriculum. The Dig Deeper section offers older children (age 11-13 year) the chance to think about topical food and farming issues, and includes some short videos of African farmers growing pineapples and other produce for UK markets.

Linking Environment and Farming (LEAF)
LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) Kenilworth
CV8 2LG [email protected] 024 7641 3911
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