Sensory food education for primary schools and early years settings.

We provide support for schools and early years providers to deliver sensory food education in their setting, using only a small amount of fresh vegetables and fruit, minimal equipment and no previous food education or cooking experience.

TastEd uses a fun, playful, hands on approach to give all children the opportunity to explore, enjoy and try fruit and vegetables, using the five senses, based on the Sapere method of sensory food education. The approach has been used around the world including in Sweden, France, Japan and other countries for decades, and is part of the early years curriculum in Finland.

Our comprehensive lesson plans and PowerPoints are FREE to all schools and EYFS settings, and guide practitioners and teachers step by step through each TastEd session. Watch our FREE online teacher training video to see how simple TastEd is to use, or get in touch about bringing sensory food education for your setting. Practitioners tell us they use TastEd in a wide variety of ways, including to teaching sustainability, healthy eating, bringing the harvest festival to life, to begin food preparation skills, as art prompts or to fulfil the nutrition education requirement of the Holiday and Food Programme (HAF).

"I tried the radish and it was super spicy... but I survived!" Year 2 child at Prendergast Primary who tried a radish for the first time.

"There was uproar when they heard it was their last TastEd lesson... I thought they would have tried most things but I was surprised that many of them had not tried oranges." Yr 6 teacher at UCPS, Cambridge

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9 Dovecote Lane Coleby

https://www.tasteeducation.com/ [email protected]
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