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Lower Ash Moor

Lower Ash Moor



Lower Ash Moor Farm - A Paradise for Wildflower Lovers!

The farm lies south of Rose Ash Village, two & half miles from the north Devon link road. The land totals 100 acres, of that 40 acres, have been given over to wildlife conservation. The rest of the grassland is managed commercially within the ELS rules.

On the farm there are: Wild Flower Meadows, a Lake & Ponds, Culm Grassland, established Woodland and newly planted Trees, plus an abundance of Wild Animals, and Birds many are RSPB Red & Amber listed species.

The Culm Grassland boasts numerous unusual wildflowers such as Orchids, Bog Asphodel, Meadow Thistle, Yellow Rattle and many more, which will be identified for you on your guided walk.

Trials have been taking place on the farm to recreate a traditional ‘Wild Flower Meadow‘. The project has been very successful, and is now being promoted on other farms in North Devon.

There is much to see and learn at Lower Ash Moor so why not come and walk around this wonderful piece of countryside.

All visitors will be given complimentary refreshments after their walk.


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