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Priory Farm

Priory Farm

The land at Priory Farm has been used for cattle grazing only (except one field that had potatoes planted in it about 15 years ago) for over 50 years. A couple of the fields have only ever been used for grazing or hay making. No artificial fertilisers have been used there in living memory, so the area has been found to be very rich in natural flora. The hedgerows are old , judging by the types of plants existing, and there is also evidence of old boundary mounds along some of the hedge lines. Evidence of wild animals and birds can also be noted around the river banks and in the fields. Conservation and organic farming, plant identity (fungi in the autumn), water courses, ancient landscapes, pond life and village history could all be included within the teaching package. The property would be suitable for either young or old school children because it covers a compact area, but has lots of more intense study possibilities.


  • Coach parking
  • Toilets


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