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Listing Mill Farm

Listing Mill Farm

Listing Mill Farm lies as an oasis in the middle of the conurbation of West Yorkshire. The farm is typical of the area where, historically, the heavy woollen industry developed and agricultural land became intermingled with urban development. Part of the 20 mile Spen Heritage Trail leads through the farmland and a wall called ‘battlewall’ is a reminder of the Luddites fighting the local militia during the Industrial Revolution. The farm is amalgamated out of 4 small farms and extends over 42 ha. It is a family dairy farm in a ring fence and is changing owner/tenant to full ownership. While there is no specific farm trail, the visitors will follow where the cows are or where the farming activity is taking place. There is keen interest on conservation and tree planting.


Malcolm Fewster Partnership Listing Lane Gomershal Cleckheaton West Yorkshire BD19 4HS

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01274 073485


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