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Little Bracken Farm

Little Bracken can be best described as a small, family farm which provides plenty of work and interesting activities for a young and inquisitive family. The farming policy is based on securing the livelihood, coupled with what we believe are good, modern practices. A rotation is practised whereby grass leys are utilized by a dairy herd of some thirty cows plus a similar number of followers of various ages. Cereals and oil seed rape form the bulk of the arable side of the farm with cereal by-products i.e. straw being utilized by the livestock, the resulting farmyard manure being returned to the land.


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  • Coach parking
  • Toilets


CEVAS Accredited

This place has CEVAS accredited personnel.

CEVAS stands for Countryside Educational Visits Accreditation Scheme. A nationally recognised accreditation, the scheme offers training for individuals who are working – or plan to work – with groups of school children, young people or clients with additional needs.

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