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Burwell House

Burwell House

Burwell House is a Residential Study Centre just outside Cambridge.  We offer a wide array of activities set in and around our 55 bed Victorian House and its fantastic 3-acre garden.  Our visitors, mainly KS2 school groups, have sole use of our house and take part in a wide array of activities, following a tailor made programme.  Activities are extremely wide ranging and can include orienteering and teambuilding in the gardens, historical activities based on the house and village, environmental invesitigation using the pond, trees and meadows, geogrpahical inveistigation using local villages, towns and the surrounding Fenland countryside.  We also run a wide array of Art and Craft sessions and have a fully functioning TV studio!


North St

Contact Details

01638 741256
01638 741256


  • Coach parking
  • Toilets
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