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Laverstoke Park Education Centre

We are a 2,500 acre farm situated in Hampshire south-west of Basingstoke and we are the biggest small holding in the world.  A bio-dynamic farm promoting the natural way of farming with the farm philosophy of healthy soil being the essential first step in the chain that leads to healthy sustainable nutrition.  Through our guided tours and hands on activities we are able to explain our methods of farming the bio-diversity way covering environmental issues and our farming philosophy.

Healthy soil = healthy grass = healthy animals = healthy meat and milk = healthy people

We are proud of our farming methods and are delighted to welcome students of all ages to experience these techniques of farming.  We are able to demonstrate not just the theory of bio-diversity and healthy sustainable nutrition but also the practical day to day working of a real life farm.  Such is our commitment to quality that we have set up our own Laboratory to study the biodiversity of micro-organisms in the soil and the nutrients required for plant growth.


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