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Manor Farm

Manor Farm is a family run, mixed farm. The 430 dairy cows produce milk to be sold as liquid milk and cream in Waitrose supermarkets. Milling wheat for bread making and malting barley for brewing are also grown. Grassland covers most of the farm. Some is cut in May for silage and some is unfertilised and cut later for hay which allow wildflowers to flourish. Grassland closest to the barns is used for grazing cows from March to November. In winter the milking cows are housed and fed on grass silage and maize. Newborn calves are reared until weaning, and then taken to another farm within the business. To provide food and habitat for farmland birds, grass and wildflower margins have been sown around arable fields and nest boxes installed in trees around the farm. Wild bird seed and pollen and nectar plots provide winter and spring food and fallow (bare) plots within crops provide a safe nesting area for ground nesting birds such as lapwing. Scrapes are being created in the wet grassland field by the Thames to provide feeding areas for lapwing and curlew. Other conservation management includes woodland coppicing and willow pollarding.


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