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Deer Park Mere

Deer Park Mere designated A Grade SB1 is a large glacial mere covering 10 ha in the parkland of Cholmondeley Castle. It has developed a dense hydrosere of reedmace and phragmites which make the margins exceptional for breeding purposes. A large population of wildfowl is present particularly in winter and the invertebrate population is high. 1.4 ha of broadleaved woodland chiefly of willow, alder, birch and oak with a small island of scots pine trees extend around half the mere together with patches of shrubby rhododendron and ancient meadowland. A new pond has been created for dipping purposes, 47 bird boxes erected, a large hide erected, bridging between 2 small islands ensures safe access for children negotiating the mere's perimeter.


Cholmondeley, Malpas
SY14 8EZ

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01829 720203
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