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Swallowtail Hill Farm

Swallowhill is a small 40 acre farm managed wholly for biodiversity and conservation. It comprises 30 acres of species rich grassland, and ten of traditionally managed coppice chestnut and oak woodland. Fifteen ponds and three woodlands add richness to the wildlife diversity, as do the extensive hedgerows and the shade trees. The farm and its key environmental focal points are easily accessible on foot for visitors can see and experience every aspect. It is ideal for visitors with an interest in wild flowers, birds, insects, woodland, ponds and pond life, whether they are experts or not. The meadows are left to grow and harvested for hay in August so flowers and seed heads drop. October –March is sheep grazing, weeds are only spot sprayed and the sheep come off in March. Hedgerows are layered, Ancient and National woodland is coppiced in rotation, rides are kept clear, timber is used for fencing and fuel.


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