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Hambrook Marshes

Hambrook Marshes is a community involved conservation project that has a mosaic of different habitats in a single area, due to past land use on the site.  The site is managed to accommodate amenity, conservation and agricultural interests.  Cropping the grass for hay is carried out in July and then grazed by either sheep or cattle up until autumn. Due to the nature of the site as wet grass land stocking rates are low and on a short rotation to avoid compaction and poaching.
Hambrook Marshes is an important flood plain for the city of Canterbury.  Historically this site was used for rough grazing and reed harvesting for thatching purposes.  Brett Construction purchased the land in 1960s for the aggregates.  The site was then backfilled with chalky arisings from the building of the A2. This altered not only the lay of the land, but also the soil and nutrient levels.  Due to the grading of the site the raised the level of the site means that it only floods in a few places. 



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