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Woodhills Farm

Woodhills Farm , Todenham and Harrow Hill Farm, Long Compton are third generation family run farms. Both farms are mixed- sheep and arable. 600 Mule Sheep lamb in March 175 hectares of arable are made of winter wheat, winter barley and winter beans. 40 hectares of permanent pasture are ridge and furrow. There is also 13hectares of woodland and a one hectare lake. Three hectare of nectar flowers, 2 hectares of floristically enhanced grass margins and over 3.5 hectares of wild sees have been planted in 2010. 170 fruit trees are due to be planted in the autumn of 2011 to restock a traditional orchard at Woodhills Farm, Todenham.


Moretonin Marsh
GL56 9PH

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