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Nineveh Ridge Farm

Nineveh Ridge has started on an exciting journey of change; From being a small livestock farm (Cattle and Pedigree Berkshire pigs on 40 acres of pasture), it is developing into an intensive conservation area as well. The development of new wildlife habitats, a wildflower meadow and a wildlife pond in the next few months will go hand-in-hand with our labour intensive (we do not use machinery), chemical-free (we have not used chemicals for 10 years) livestock farming, as well as our flourishing new ‘care farming’ project (see website for details). 

The farming, conservation and care farming work are complimentary to each other and make Nineveh Ridge a unique opportunity to see farming and nature working together to create a healthy working environment and rich educational experience. We have a large, well-equipped lodge, and plenty of under-cover areas for wet-weather days.


Nr.Cleobury Mortimer
DY14 9LH

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