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Wildwood Alpacas

Wildwood Alpacas

Alpaca assisted therapy and Education Courses specialising in helping children and young people who won’t engage or show little interest or can be disruptive in mainstream educational setting.
Alpacas are intelligent and inquisitive. Unlike humans they are non-judgemental and don’t confuse through verbal communications.They offer attention and unconditional acceptance whoever you are!
It is well documented that being with animals can reduce blood pressure, lower pulse rates and alleviate feelings of tension and anxiety.
We have found profound benefits with working with Alpacas:
• Improved mood and outlook
• Greatly increased confidence and self-esteem
• Increased empathy
• Reduction in anger issues
• Gaining trust
Courses for private individuals, Schools and organisations.


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  • Covered space
  • Hand washing facilities
  • Toilets


Courses are bespoke to individual small group therefore pricing will vary.

What we can offer

  • Pre-visit information available
  • Provision of materials/equipment/livestock
  • Risk assessment
  • Tailored programmes
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