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Apricot Centre Educational Visits

We run a number of different educational visits which can be tailored to support the National Curriculum and specific teacher requirements.
Farm Tour
Discover more about our farm including visiting our cows and chickens. This is an excellent opportunity for young people to learn more about where their food comes from. We will discuss the origins of different food including meat, eggs, bread and vegetables. Includes an animal feeding session.

Apple Tasting and Pressing
Learn about the varieties of apple on the Farm, carry out an apple taste and use specialist equipment to mash and press them for the juice. Children are involved in the process from start to finish and it will be the best glass of apple juice they have ever had! This session is best in the autumn, when you can use the Farm’s own apples.
Vegetable Trail
Learn about the plants grown on farms and their uses in food. We discuss plant care and growth and young people sow seeds in a pot to take away with them to care for.
Young people learn about what goes into a compost heap, the creatures live there and how to make your own compost. This activity also includes a seed sowing activity.
Soup Making
Young people harvest a range of vegetables and learn about their importance as part of a balanced diet. The session finishes with young people making a batch of soup to share and enjoy.
Herb and Wildflower Trail
Young people explore and forage a range of herbs and wildflowers that are used to create a dye, young people then tie dye their own eco bag with plant dye.
Pick, Cook, Eat
Children can pick their own lunch from the farm, cook it in our kitchen and then sit down and eat it. This is a lovely way for children to learn where their food comes from, an example of this activity could be making your own pizza using produce from the farm such as our flour and tomatoes.


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  • Covered space
  • Hand washing facilities
  • Toilets


We offer a range of activities and workshops , school day visits are dependant on activity and duration, however we usually charge £160.00 per half day visit for 30 children (an additional cost of £5.00 per child thereafter) this includes a farm tour and one activity. Further activities can be added as an additional cost. Please contact Rachel for more information.

What we can offer

  • Pre-visit information available
  • Provision of materials/equipment/livestock
  • Risk assessment
  • Set programmes
  • Tailored programmes
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