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Doonies Farm

Doonies Farm

At Doonies Farm, you can see:
* Whitefaced Woodland, Kerry Hill, Oxford Down, Greyface Dartmoor, Portland and Norfolk Horn sheep
* Golden Guernsey goats
* Large Black, Welsh and Tamworth pigs
* Eriskay pony and Clydesdale horse
* Longhorn cattle


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Admission Charges
£3.00 per person
£1.00 per bucket of feed
Planning a school trip:
If you would like to visit Doonies we would love to have you!
We cater for all ages from nursery, primary and secondary school groups. If you are interested in planning a trip to the farm, please download and read Information-for-group-visits-2020 and email us at [email protected]
This short document details all the information you will need for your visit, how to book and our educational group prices


Other Accreditations

RBST accredited farm park

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