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Village Farm, Emmington

Village Farm, Emmington

Village Farm is a 150 hectare mixed farm at the foot of the Chilterns, near Thame, Oxfordshire.
We can tailor a farm visit to your needs. We can showcase interesting parts of the farm landscape and local wildlife such as 250-300 year old oak trees, small stands of woodland, extensive badger sets (approximately 100m long). We talk about the changes that are being made on the farm that benefit nature - field margins for pollinating insects, promoting bird habitat through large hedgerows and winter birdseed areas, and in-field farming practices that enhance biodiversity in the arable fields, like growing two crops at once, to improve soil health and overall ecosystem health. We also winter graze the cereal crops with sheep, there are areas of low-intensity grazing, and 150 beef cattle.
We specialise in providing a variety of soil and composting-based activities linked to school curriculum.


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  • Car parking
  • Coach parking
  • Covered space
  • Hand washing facilities
  • Toilets
  • Wheelchair access


First 25 schools groups to book each year come free, thereafter, £315 per visit.

What we can offer

  • Growing crops and vegetables
  • Pre-visit information available
  • Risk assessment
  • Tailored programmes

Sustainable Farming Methods Soil - how soil 'works', soil sampling activities, soil microscope work


Other Accreditations

Qualified Soil Scientist

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