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Hatherden House Farm

We are a family-run farm located in Hatherden, 10 minutes north of Andover.

We are a working arable farm, with a focus on conservation and biodiversity. Our ethos is that students have a fun and engaging day out on the farm, but also a day that supports what they are learning in school and sparks an interest in agriculture and the importance environment and conservation.

We are offering a range of farm-based school visits to all ages. Our main days centre around 'Science and Conservation' or 'Maths in a Farming Context'. These visits will be run by Jonathan Capes who is CEVAS-accredited and has worked on the farm for 40 years, and his son Matt who has 10 years’ experience as a Mathematics teacher and Head of Mathematics at schools in London.
We have a trailer with wheelchair access for transporting students around the farm, clipboards, and conservation equipment including sweepnets, pond-dipping kits and infiltrometers.

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  • Car parking
  • Coach parking
  • Covered space
  • Disabled toilets
  • Hand washing facilities
  • Toilets
  • Wheelchair access


Price subject to requirements
You can currently claim £250 towards cost of transport for each school by filling out the below form at least three weeks before the trip:

What we can offer

  • Bushcraft
  • Conservation and site maintenance skills
  • Growing crops and vegetables
  • Indoor crafts
  • Pre-visit information available
  • Provision of materials/equipment/livestock
  • Self-guided activities
  • Set programmes
  • Tailored programmes

Biodiversity and Conservation day: Students will get an overview of farming, where there food comes from and the importance of conservation. Students will use sweepnets, pond-dipping kits and worm counting kits to record and learn about wildlife and soil. Students will be able to see and learn about deer, dormice and the many bird species which we have on the farm. Mathematics Day: Farm-based case study, following the cycle of farming from buying seed to selling grain. Students will get an overview of farming, where there food comes from and the importance of conservation. All knowledge and activities will be within the context of the GCSE maths curriculum, to help students develop their maths and see the value of it in the real world.


CEVAS Accredited

This place has CEVAS accredited personnel.

CEVAS stands for Countryside Educational Visits Accreditation Scheme. A nationally recognised accreditation, the scheme offers training for individuals who are working – or plan to work – with groups of school children, young people or clients with additional needs.

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