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The Country Trust at 40

Tuesday, 17 April 2018
The Country Trust

This year sees The Country Trust celebrate 40 years of helping children with limited opportunities experience food, farming and the countryside. By the summer, we will have worked with a huge 500,000 children!

Now spring is finally here we are entering our busiest time of year taking into the working countryside  where so much is already happening:

  • Year 6 from St George’s C. of E. Primary, Kidderminster were lucky enough to watch a lamb being born at Severn Lodge Farm, Bewdley
  • Children from Harbinger Primary went on our first residential of the year, enjoying a fabulous sunny day on The Broads kingfisher spotting
  • Ward Green Primary held a fantastic playground market, selling healthy fruit pots and vegetable bags to family and friends
  • and, Bella the pig had seven piglets live on our webcam! 

Our webcam located at the wonderful Romshed Farm has enabled us to reach even more children in their classrooms and people at home. Currently showing the lambing shed, Farmer Fidelity Weston moves the camera around her farm so we don't miss any of the action. Go and check it out!

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The Country Trust
We a small but dynamic national educational charity, established in 1978 and dedicated to bringing alive the working countryside for children least able to access it. We aim to share knowledge, ignite curiosity and broaden the horizons of disadvantaged children. 75% of the UK’s land area is farmed, but...    Read More
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