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Monday, 11 May 2020
Countryside Classroom

Find recipes designed for cooking with children - from toddlers to teenagers - and pointers to the many learning opportunities in the kitchen.

Easy cooking
Booklet with useful guidance on cooking safely and successfully with children, along with a selection of healthy, tasty recipes.

Food – a fact of life recipes A bank of nearly 300 recipes suitable for cooking with children and searchable by age group, type of food, time taken and other features.

Make your own pizza 
A masterclass in pizza making from creating authentic bases to experimenting with scores of topping variations.

Vegetable sauce
Use a variety of vegetables to help young children develop their language skills, then chop them up for a delicious pasta sauce.

For more home education resources, go to the Countryside Classroom Home Education Hub. We will also be posting weekly blogs  highlighting a range of resources on a particular theme. All resources were originally written for school use, but are equally suitable for education at home, while following government guidelines on social distancing.

Do share what you are doing with us, and other home educators, at #CountrysideClassroom.

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