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HOME EDUCATION HUB: Learning with nature

Monday, 13 July 2020
Countryside Classroom

Ideas and activities to last all summer, using the natural world for both formal learning in school subjects and informal learning for personal development.

23 days of bees
A resource that is buzzing with activities! There's information, art projects, crafts, honey tasting, music and more.   

Biodiversity study
Complete the various tally charts to find out exactly what natural life has its home in your garden or local green space.

Food, farming, forestry and wildlife activities
Downloadable activity sheets on a range of topics to use when out and about, in the garden or indoors

Let nature feed your senses
A wide variety of activities on countryside themes, each with a sensory dimension

Nature’s school
Bringing families together to enjoy, appreciate and protect the environment, while improving their physical and mental health.

Wildlife activity sheets
Fifty activities with a wildlife theme, many of which can be carried out at home

For more home education resources, go to the Countryside Classroom Home Education Hub. We are also posting weekly blogs until mid-July highlighting a range of resources on a particular theme. All resources were originally written for school use, but are equally suitable for education at home, while following government guidelines on social distancing.

Do share what you are doing with us, and other home educators, at #CountrysideClassroom.

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