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Monday, 11 January 2021
Countryside Classroom

Check out this fantastic variety of English resources below ranging from quizzes, activity sheets, photo packs and a free virtual book that are all based around the theme of food, farming and the countryside.


AGES 3 - 6

  • This free farm picture book called Wake Up Time on Bumble Farm features a range of familiar farm animals and their animal sounds. There are lots of opportunities for children to predict what mishap each animal will cause and what happens next.

  • Fun with Farm Words is developed for parents to use as part of home education, Fun with Farm Words presents a variety of English-themed activities for primary-aged children aged 4 +

  • This pack of 12 challenge cards can be used with ages 4 - 11, developed to accompany the book are all themed around The Lost WordsYou can dip in and use as many of the cards as you like with children to help them think about the world around them in lots of interesting and important ways.

  • Learn a new skill - The Art of Storytelling, everyone loves a story! If your child is aged 6 + then this resource will help them to create their own stories using hints and tips from an expert.

AGES 7 - 11

  • Letter Writing is a key skill that is developed right through primary and secondary school and a core component of English GCSE and Functional skills English qualifications. Help your child build confidence in letter writing by using these fun farm and natural world themed worksheets and guidance notes written by LEAF Education.

  • Inspire your child to develop a greater understanding of Haiku Poetry through this brilliant booklet. The booklet has guidance notes and easy to follow worksheets that are ideal for ages 7 +.

  • This Poetry Dice Kit is designed to engage children aged 7 + in creative writing and poetry based on their experiences at the farm. There are a variety of different ways to play the poetry dice game which means it is suitable for a wide age range.

  • This RSPCA  resource aimed at KS2 learner links to a range of RSPCA advertisements with activity sheets that will challenge your child to analyse the adverts. In addition, there are activity sheets that will help parent and child learn more about how our food is labelled.

AGES 7 - 16

  • Help your 9 + child to describe things in an interesting way with this excellent series of exercises about how to generate Similes.

  • Learning through Landscapes have developed this activity 'Poetree' to inspire children aged 9 - 12 to use all their senses to write poetry about trees.

  • Try these Literacy 5 a Day bitesize challenges as a fantastic way to build your child’s English skills.

  • Debating and making intelligent arguments is an important and useful skill worth developing, see if your child can get their teeth into some of these Agricultural Issues.

For more home education resources, go to the Countryside Classroom Home Education Hub. We will also be posting weekly blogs  highlighting a range of resources on the themes of Maths, Science, Humanities and Art & Design. All resources were originally written for school use, but are equally suitable for education at home, while following government guidelines on social distancing.

Do share what you are doing with us, and other home educators, at #CountrysideClassroom.





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