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Monday, 21 June 2021
Countryside Classroom

It is the first day of summer! Why not fill these long sunlit days with some super summer activities and have a go at this month's Beige is Beautiful Competition and have the chance to win one of two hampers filled with an array of brilliant bakery equipment?

Ages 4 - 6

  • Check out AHDB's Beige is Beautiful Competition: simply download and print the grain art templates by clicking on the link and get sticking. Just decorate one or more of the templates with grains and cereals of your choice to create a beautiful picture, whilst finding out more about whole grains!
  • Why not keep on the theme of grains and plan some Bread Making? This e-booklet can stimulate a whole topic on bread!  As well as recipes, there is information about flour and yeast with classroom activities from expert partners so that you can incorporate science, maths, technology, art and much more.
  • Take a listen to this Farmyard Sounds resource which has a great collection of recordings – grunts, squeals and baas, creaks, whines, rustles and crunches, clatters and clangs. They are free to download and you can use them however you like, to get ready for a visit to the farm, to remember your favourite animals from a visit, or even in a film or animation.

Ages 7 - 11

  • Don't forget LEAF Open Farm Sunday is this coming Sunday 27th June! Enjoy a FREE event that is unique with its own activities - based around the farm’s own individual story. 
  • The immensely popular Why Farming Matters Primary Education Pack helps children explore the vital role of farming in our lives. Linked to many areas of the curriculum and with extension tasks for more able learners, this resource will become an indispensable part of your teaching tool kit.
  • Try this Summer Crafts resource which has perfect ideas for practical activities using natural materials to create decorative items such as topiary pots, wall hangings and scented wreaths. It includes ideas for selling the products to raise much needed funds.

Ages 11 -16

  • Restoring nature is a hot topic right now. Use this Rewilding resource by LEAF Education which is a guided exploration of this topic, with suggested websites to investigate further.
  • Eating seasonal British produce can really help reduce our carbon footprint. Look through this  A-Z poster of British Fruits and Vegetables to find out what is available in shops during the year. The colourful chart shows which foods can be purchased at different times of the year - and which are available all year round. 
  • This Animal Adaptations Memory Game can be used in the classroom or on the farm. It could be used to introduce pupils to animal adaptations or it could be used at the end of a farm tour to recap their learning. The game can be modified easily to fit with the animals found on a particular farm or for a younger age group.

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